At seventeen years old, Aidan O’Sullivan is known locally as “The Magician” and is always keen to demonstrate his skills to anyone on the fly with whatever he sees fit. (Including just YOUR thoughts!)

He is best known for his mind-blowing, close-up magic and mind-reading skills paired with his uncanny ability to present himself in front of larger audiences to create stunning, jaw-dropping moments of true wonder for all!

Aidan aims to provide an all-round entertaining delivery to the feats that remain unexplainable to each and every audience he performs for. His lively and confident persona alongside his incredibly dexterity and outstanding sleight of d is truly a force to be reckoned with…

Since his early involvements into the world of magic, Aidan has always looked towards the goal of transforming his long-loved hobby into a professional career path. His dreams were shaped by a card-trick rivalry and close competition between his friends at the age of thirteen before he found his true potential and pursued it to a further degree. Aidan has performed at many events both publicly and privately and is a keen enthusiast in doing so.