What does a firefighter do?
The role of a firefighter is far more than just responding to fires and other emergencies. Providing education programmes and safety messages to local schools, businesses, community groups and residents is an essential part of the firefighters role in helping to prevent accidents and limiting the injury potential of those that do occur.
Following initial training, firefighters undertake continuous development training whilst on duty, at their fire station.

How safe is your home from fire?
A fire can start very easily and can spread with speed. We recommend that you follow the basic fire safety steps below:
• Fit a smoke alarm on each floor of your home – it will give you an early warning of fire
• Test it monthly – only a working smoke alarm can save your life
• Make a fire escape plan – the whole family needs to know what to do if you smoke alarm goes off
• Make a bedtime check – switch off electrical items and shut internal doors last thing at night
• If you do have a fire, remember to get out, stay out and call 999 for the Fire Service – don’t try to fight a fire yourself
If you need further information and advice please visit www.fireservice.co.uk/safety for further information on fire safety in the home. Alternatively visit the official Facebook page of the Government’s Fire Kills Campaign.
Smoke alarms can save lives
For specific advice about types of smoke alarms and the best place to fit them, visit www.fireservice.co.uk/safety/smoke-alarms.
If you are experiencing any problems with an existing smoke alarm fitted by the fire service, visit the smoke alarm guidance page for assistance. If you are experiencing problems with an alarm not fitted by Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service, please refer to the manufacturer instructions, if you have them or replace the alarm.