This band of men and woman hail from across the Midlands and Southern Counties, getting together on Occasion to produce some of the finest and most distinctive Indie Pop Folk music available in the UK.

Led by singer/song writer Darrell Mitchell who has been performing his idiosyncratic stories about love, heartache, passion and real life in present and past times for more than twenty five years. 

The distinctive sound of the electric and acoustic Bouzouki, and twelve string electric and acoustic guitar are provided by Jon Taylor.  Jon also occupies the role of Director for vocal harmonies and arrangements. Darrell and Jon have been collaborating for many years in a variety of bands including Home and Abroad, The Simpletons and Edna.

Tracy Feist would be the first to admit that she is relatively new to the world of writing, recording and performing music. But don’t let that fool you, Tracy plays a major role working closely with Jon and Darrell to provide the essential vocal harmonies that are an intrinsic part of T.O.O sound. 

The drummer’s seat is occupied by Kenny Stone. Kenny has been with T.O.O for two years and brings with him a depth of percussive knowledge that he has acquired during his twenty five year apprenticeship at the kit.  Darrell, Jon and Kenny first worked together in the late 80s and early 90s in both Home and Abroad and Edna before diverting onto individual projects and ventures.

Kevin Tynan, a very fine exponent of the bass guitar. This London based musician brings a wealth of musical knowledge and experience gained working across the UK in a variety of musical arenas, most notably with London based band The Provisos. 

On keyboards, The newest member to join The Occasional Orchestra is Tim Chalklen.

Tim provides a colourful layer to the music incorporating the skills he’s developed over a twenty year career with the keyboard.