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NAYC and the Youth Activators project are pleased to support the Brackley Community Carnival, once again they are bring along the Mobile Skate Park and will also deliver sport/games activities along a stall to inform local people of the various projects they run for young people

The aim of NAYC is to help and educate young people, especially, but not exclusively through their leisure-time activities, to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and as members of society.

This is achieved by bringing together people who are willing to further the aim to stimulate interest in the work of Youth Groups and assist in finding Youth Workers to unite Youth Groups in the County of Northamptonshire; to assist the work of existing Youth Groups and help in the formation and development of new groups, to assist in organising conferences and training courses for youth workers, members and others interested in the welfare of young people.

The involvement of young people in the planning and delivery of our work as well as being part of the decision making process is paramount to the success of all we do and is something NAYC strives to do.

Strategies for achieving the objectives have included the building and development of a number of major facilities. These include the Hereward Wake Training and Conference Centre, Benham Sports Arena and King’s Park Tennis Centre (with indoor and outdoor courts) in Northampton, Whitemoor Lakes Activity Centre in Staffordshire and Pioneer Activity and Conference Centre in Shropshire. 

Other facilities we have developed include Frontier Centre near Irthlingborough – now run in conjunction with Rock UK; ; The Ranch Discovery Centre in North Wales – now run by CMC; and an Expedition Base on the Isle of Harris In the Outer Hebrides – now known as the Scaladale Centre and run in conjunction with the Lewis and Harris Youth Clubs Association. NAYC also helped to envision and develop the Discovery Centre in Uganda which is run by Adventure Projects Trust and YWAM.

The motivation of our work springs from the personal faith of the staff. A love of God issuing in a love for others. The aims and objectives of our work are to serve young people and their needs rather than a mission to win their allegiance. To serve in Christ’s name all kinds of young people and not to be restrictive or exclusive. To serve in a completely open and secular setting.

Our aim is not to ‘Preach and Convert’ but to serve and help. To achieve this we provide ‘Tools to do a Job’. Our job is clear to us – the tools we have provided are our services and centres. Attitudes often alienate adults from the young and create a generation gap. We have tried to offer, through our services, centres and staff ‘un-judging friendship’, ‘non judgmental attitudes’, and ‘accepting love’, to create a bridge over the gap.

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