Despite the weather forecast for tomorrow the Carnival Committee has made the decision to go ahead. We have been setting up during the course of the day at MCS and the ground is unaffected by todays rain.

The weather for Saturday is looking brighter with sunshine and showers predicted. We would encourage all Procession participants to continue with their preparation’s and stick to their plans.

We ask that this year above all, for the community to please come together and support the Carnival and come out and watch the procession, the entrants have already put so much effort into their floats that they really need a boost if the weather is overcast a and cheering crowd and smiley faces is what they need to see.

All the acts have confirmed that they are attending and the programme of events will go ahead as planned.  the only act that may change is Starlight Dance academy but a decision will be made in the morning and we will update you if there is a change

Stall holders are also encouraged to continue to attend, people will still come and will want to see you and your fantastic wears.

This is an outdoor event and overcast and changeable weather is all part of living in Britain. So keep up that true British spirit! if we stopped every time we had a bit of rain we wouldn’t go out!